Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To many love triangles

First off, I want to say love triangles are not always a bad thing; in some books, movies,and TV shows it really does add a little spice to life. More times then not now a love triangle is thrown in the plot and you lose so much action and themes because a girl is angsty over her love life. In the real world if you were battling evil forces and your planet/ friends/ culture/ pet/ were about to be destroyed your not really wondering what boy to be with. One of two things would happen. A.) You are so worried about said crazy thing that's the only thing on your mind. B.) It's the end of the world so time to be the biggest slut and do anything that moves. I personally would go with option A, but I know others who would be just fine with B.

funny gifs

So when your fighting Zombies remember don't worry about love triangles because there is 99.9% chance one of those would be suitors will bite the dust. Most likely in a very gruesome self sacrificial role.

If anyone knows of some new YA without a love triangle that you think are good let me know.

By the way this Meme about sums up this post. Stay Classy internet....
hunger games meme