Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why do all the books have to become movies?

Not all books should become movies, just like not all movies should become books. Do you remember in geometry how all squares are rectangles but rectangles are not all squares. It is just like that. Some books are amazing simply because there plot goes deep into the person's emotional turmoil. For these plots to work as movies the whole movie would have to be in voice over. It took me forever to put my finger on why the hunger games was not completly what I hoped for, no voice overs. The whole time your watching your like what is Katniss thinking. Well, if you read the books you understand what's on the up and up. If you didn't your thinking uhhhhhhh and wtf just happened.

Back to the main point, books *usally* loss that spark that made them iconic when they become movies. Several exceptions are to To Kill a Mockingbird and the original Scarlet Letter movie. Both those movies were well done and followed the books closely. Idk about everyone else but I tend to get disappointed when that pivotal part of a book is all waperjawed in the movie version. Maybe one day movies will be redeemed.
By the way, here are some books that are ****rumoured**** to become movies. The Tiger Curse Series, according to the author's blog the screen play will be written by the writer on the Vampire Diaries Series. Vampire Academy is also rumoured to have a future movie in the works. Check out IMBD if you don't believe me. Hey, that kinda rhymed.
The only exception to this whole rant is comic books and anime, and that is just because they are pretty darn close to being the same format.
So here's to you superheros may your comic/movie/tv series live on and may the simple good vs. evil plot live on.
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