Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This week....My top litarary couples from YA

When you read so many books you eventually connect with certain characters and their relationships. So this week I would like to present to you my top YA lit couples.

10.Let's start this countdown with the classic couple that is referenced throughout history
Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)
9. Harry and Jeanie (Harry Potter)

8. Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter)

7.Katniss and Peeta (Hunger Games)
She may care about suvioring and saving her family, but you gotta give it to Peeta. He may boarder on creepier sometimes but he never gives up on Katniss even when she blatantly ignores him.

6.Calla and Shay/Ren triangle (Nightshade Series)
I stress I hate love triangles, but this is my exception. The whole triangle is what makes the series work. If only the ending of the series hadn't been so freaking heart wrenching.

5. Jack and Ellen (Warrior Heir)
Who doesn't love a couple who supposed to kill each other but decides they rather be together.

4.)Rose and Dmitri (Vampire Academy)
Forbidden. Drama. Death. Heck even "death" couldn't keep these two love birds apart. I love when you have two kick ass heroes getting together.

3.) Jessica Day and Johnathan (Midnighters series)
Ughhhhh....They are so cute together, nothing like a whirl wind romance where you literally feel like your flying, but it's the ending that gets me. *spoiler******It's the tragedy of Jess getting stuck in the blue zone that makes me really feel for this couple.

2. Kate and Vincent (Revenats)
Until I Die (Revenants, #2)
The series hasn't finished yet but for the most part this had been a thrilling relationship. Kate doesn't sit back and let her man protect her, no she is proactive. Not to mention Vincent runs in the ideal man category.

1.Max and Fang (Maximum ride series)
They are a flock of winged kids, and Max and fang are the leaders. Their have been twists and turns through the whole series but I stand by them getting together and everyone being a happy family. I always love a couple who are A.) kick ass heroes B.) parental figures C.) Face all odds and still end up together.
So here's keeping my fingers crossed they get back together in the final installment of the series Nevermore.