Monday, November 26, 2012

A college pet story....a day in the life of a betta fish

Have you ever thought what it would it be like to view life from a glass bowl. Well today is you lucky day then. These are the observations from the beta fish that lives in our college dorm.

Monday: These kids look like zombies....or Swedish fish

Tuesday: (In sassy gay friend voice) Girl I don't care what style you think you have but polka dots and stripes will never go together.

Wed.: I want to fight....let's get me a buddy....then we can have fight club

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday....who wants to pour beer into my tank

Friday night: (watching girls walk in) Yup we have a group 3 walking in...OH and we have 2 out of 3 down. OK let's sit them up and go for a spare.
QZhMk GIFterpiece Theatre: Emma Stone, alien Olympian and Darwin Award candidate

Saturday: Hey! Make out by someone elses fish tank.

Sunday: Not a soul in sight today.