Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Once Upon Second Chance


Why can’t I have a little help? Where’s my fairy godmother? Bree seems to get one, so where’s mine? Not the creepy bingo lady my subconscious seems to think I deserve, but a real one. I needed her to slap some sense into me eight years ago, but she didn’t show. Where’s the bib­bity bobbity do-over for all the schmucks like me who botched it up the first time around because we were on our own? That’s what a fairy godmother is supposed to do, right? She shows up when you hit rock bottom, and gives you everything you need to “land your man.” She might not hand you everything on a silver platter, but it’s her job to give you the proper tools, if you will.

Take Cinderella. She just happened to need a shower, some pumps, and a chauffeur — which wouldn’t do me a whole lot of good right now — but I’m sure it’s a customizable program. All I need is a nudge in the right direction, or maybe the ability to read minds for an hour or so. Come on, after Cinder-needy-ella, is that really too much to ask?

About author:

Marian Vere is a twenty eight year old writer of Women's Fiction. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she received her degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in--oddly enough--vocal music performance, only to later discover her love of writing and storytelling. Marian is represented by Carly Watters of PS Literary, and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her Husband, and two daughters.