Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mindlink by Kat Cantrell book review

Determined to revitalize her imploding career, blacklisted movie star Ashley V takes on her biggest role yet: posing as one of ten scientists invited by aliens to a universal summit. But when the aliens seize, strip and implant the entire delegation to extract their knowledge, she is quickly found out and sent to a cell to await recycling.
The alien research director designated ZXQ-One devised a plan to let the humans volunteer their best and brightest in a gamble to solve his people's energy crisis. But he fails to find anything useful and winds up imprisoned alongside the fiery human woman who refuses to give up, and who insists on calling him Sam.
After an accidental link between their implants lets them share their thoughts, they find themselves drawn to each other. Sam will have to trust in her human compassion and forgiveness for his role in her capture, and Ashley will have to trust him with her deepest secrets if they are to have any chance at survival…

Review: This book was something different alright. The plot was crazy geeky with all the syfy elements but with the intro of a fame obsessed ex-star we get drama that will make you think can someone be that self absorbed. I found it cool that the book brought up the ideology that when stripped of societies critics you can find out who you really are. Plus who does not love a steamy romance involving a sexy alien mojo. Aka a mind link the can establish using this crazy tech. Can you say kinky. This is geared towards a mature audience but it still has fun and adventure tossed in.

This was not my favorite book but it was a nice read that was entraining. Sometimes the syfy was a little over my head and just ended up confusing me. The concepts behind the society were engaging though.

Finally sometimes I felt Ashley needed to be pimped slapped but that is my opinion only. Can you say reminds me of Lindsay Lohan.