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Finding Loves Wings Review

Finding Love's Wings
CAMERON ENDERS seems to have it all: a brand new condo in a city she loves, a top executive position at an international entertainment firm, an insane amount of money, and a gorgeous boyfriend. But when Cami catches the boyfriend in the act with another woman, it triggers all the anguish from years of neglect by her parents, and she realizes she never learned how to love or be loved. Cami flees to the remote tropical island of Tarah, but she can't avoid facing her problems any longer when she meets the man of her fantasies...

TRISTAN MICHAELS, one of Hollywood's hottest new stars, has come to Tarah to ride out a storm. His girlfriend of five years has been caught on camera cheating, and she's determined to make Tristan stop the story from breaking.

But Tristan's done cleaning up her messes. He needs to escape all things Hollywood for a while--and especially the firm that represents him--until the whole thing blows over. What he doesn't count on is meeting an irresistibly beautiful woman, a woman who just so happens to be the CEO of the firm he's trying to avoid.

Can Tristan and Cami help each other learn to trust and love again, or will their histories of betrayal tear them apart?

Review: This book wasn't exactly the story and characters I expected, but I am ok with that. Cami is a very interesting lady "wink wink" and is not at all like you would of pegged her to be as she certainly holds her own. While Tristan's one of those guys who has a heart of gold but still holds onto those wild impulses. I thought it was great how these character's added oomph to the story by being more modern in a potentially idealistic fairy tail type story. Not to mention there are some swoon worthy parts that border on...well I'll let you go read it. The only part I disliked about the book was Tristan's ex-girlfriend, I just wanted to be like ditch the wench already, I do not enjoy those crazy girls in fiction or real life.


I am not sure if despair is really in my vocabulary anymore. There is something strange about being locked away in a hotel, thousands of miles away from everything I have come to know. My life has been on the fast track for the last five years, and there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

But out here, surrounded by water, in a hotel that holds everything anyone could possibly imagine, I feel free. My BlackBerry is off, my laptop is stowed, and the weather here is utterly amazing. I cannot even begin to describe how liberating this is, and for the first time, I'm questioning whether or not my life is worth all this madness.

Don't get me wrong; I love what I do. But even the love of acting and the money are small compensation for the madness I am required to endure.

I've realized that I left Hollywood so fast that I forgot to pack toiletries, so I've ventured into the little mall inside the hotel. It's early in the day, so fortunately for me there are hardly any other patrons floating around.

As I stroll through the mall I notice a petite beauty with black hair – several packages in her hands – walking out of the Shoe Shoppe that I just left not moments before. Her skin is pale, translucent even. Her beauty is soft, sophisticated, and natural. She's not wearing much makeup, but her lips are full with a beautiful pink tint.

I slowly follow her from a distance as she strides purposefully into Versace. "Well, that's definitely something you don't see everyday," I mutter to myself.

"What do you mean by that?" Tyson says.

"Someone like her, carrying her own bags and walking into Versace." I chuckle and he joins in.

It has been my experience, with woman especially, that shopping is something that is either done in pairs or with the help of a some poor sap hired solely for the purpose of being a servant. If you sit still long enough along Rodeo Drive in California, you will see the wealthy women walking with poles up their asses and at least one sorry sucker following her with her bags. This little lady strides into Versace, confident, calm, and collected, and minus the stick up her ass.

"Do we know who she is?" I ask.

"Not completely. She looks familiar but not in a way that I can place her. She is definitely not Hollywood."


I watch as the Versace matron stops her from putting her bags on the floor. She quickly picks up the girl’s bags and bustles off to find the concierge.

My eyes float back to the black-haired beauty. She is standing there talking with the sales lady, and she must be ready to try something on because she takes off the light jacket she is wearing. The tank top she has on underneath is a deep purple, and as soon as she turns to hand her jacket to the sales lady, I see it: the blue, purple, and silvery heart and stars on her shoulder.

"It can't be," I mutter. My knees are growing weak, and then I realize I'm actually shaking as she continues turning around until her back is to me. And there, staring back at me, are the purple fairy wings from LAX.
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Guest Post: Healed Beginnings by Diana Dericci+giveaway

Healed BeginningsEd Norwood is living in limbo. He has his friends, his job, and his parents, but he's feeling restless. More so now that his ex has found something perfect with another man. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate and move on. He wished he knew.

Duncan Nichols is the man who could change everything, if he is willing. Ex-Army Veteran trained in canine Search and Rescue, Duncan and Ed's first meeting is fraught with tension and worry after massive storms slice through Silo. Duncan is surprised to find a community that is open and giving in Silo, and is welcomed to return to show off his dog's skills at the annual firehouse fundraiser.

Without the stressful distractions of storms and missing people getting between them, lust flares nearly out of control between the two men. Only Ed wants and needs more in life than a friend with benefits, and when he says as much, Duncan is quick to put the kibosh on even dreaming of a happily ever after. Then real life intervenes when Ed's mother falls ill, and Duncan returns to Ed's side in support.
Can Ed break through the barriers Duncan has put up to protect himself? There's more to Duncan than the left hand he habitually hides. Ed believes if Duncan cracks even a little, he can prove it. If it just wasn't his heart at stake to make that happen

Ed’s heart was tripping a hectic rhythm. Oh, man. He took a casual step away from Duncan. An easy Hey, I’m giving you space kind of move because if he didn’t, he was going to melt all over the other man.
Ed had seen Duncan at his focused best, had seen him and Margo work like a well-oiled machine, and here he was today, volunteering again to give something more to the community.
The longer he was quiet though, the more Ed noticed it. Maybe he’d poked a little too hard with the questions. He hadn’t meant to be intrusive, but something had urged him to try to find out. He wished he could find out even more. One thing he had noticed was Duncan was a deliberate person, said what needed to be said and nothing more.

“Come on. I’ll show you the station before it gets too crowded.” Ed turned on a heel, catching Duncan doing the same at his side. Maybe changing the focus of the conversation would relax the other man again.

Not that Ed hated being his guide for the day. Duncan was spectacular in snug jeans, and sexy on top of it. He’d shaved, showing off a slightly angular jaw. Deep brown hair that rolled in waves like a slow tide reached his collar. Ed tore his curiosity away from the other man when they approached the outer door—or more, before he walked into it.

“You saw the kitchen and the main bay,” Ed said. “The office is here.” He unlocked the door and pushed it in. “It’s locked for today because of the crowds.” Duncan nodded in understanding. Ed showed off the smallish-sized weight room between the office and the kitchen. It had equipment, which was more than many stations for such a small town could claim. Then Ed took him upstairs to the small dorm where there were a dozen made bunks. “There are usually only a handful of us here on shift continuously, but if it gets hectic, the guys can crash here.” He raised an arm toward the other side of the dorm. “The showers and lockers are in there.”

“Nice setup.” Duncan walked across the space to peek into the locker room. Ed followed the strut of those legs and the sweet, tight ass above them with an unwavering attention. Margo trotted at Duncan’s heels sniffing as they passed the beds. She was probably having the time of her life.

Ed tried to keep his expression neutral when Duncan reversed his trip. Only instead of walking past him out the door, he stopped cold in front of Ed, blocking him at the wall.
Ed’s heart kicked and began to race madly into his ribs after he’d spent the last ten minutes getting it to calm down.
Duncan’s hazel gaze regarded him. Then Ed saw something in the man change. A tilt of his head, the sharpness of his eyes when they narrowed a fine hair. A very slight curve to his lips added heat to the mixed darkness of his pupils.
Meltdown initiated. He sagged to the painted brick wall behind him, just shy of stumbling in his need of support.
Duncan leaned close, almost chest to chest. The heat of his breath warmed Ed’s lips. Pleasure and hunger battled, simmered, waiting for the match that would make him combust.

“Thank you for answering my question,” Duncan said, barely a whisper by his ear.


Duncan growled low in his throat. Ed’s eyelids dropped. The rush of need pulsating through his body made him dizzy.

“Yes.” He teased Ed by licking beneath his ear. “And if I’m lucky, you’ll tell me the rest before the end of today.”

Diana DeRicci is the sexy, flirty pen name of Diana Castilleja. A romance author at heart, DeRicci’s writing takes you into a saucier spectrum of sensuality and sexual adventure, where a happily-ever-after is still the key to any story. Diana lives in Central Texas with her husband, one son and a feisty little Chihuahua named Rascal. You can catch the latest news on all of Diana DeRicci’s writing and books on her website.

PS. I added a cute lil video I found on for search and rescue has a puppy....can you say cute.

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Ravenhurst book blitz

BB BookTours

Publication Date: June 17, 2013

Special Key Edition
New Adult time travel romance not recommended for readers under the age of 17.

Katherine Nicole Jamison never imagined when she took a job at a prestigious auction house for the summer, that one moment of
impulsiveness could change her life forever. When she "borrows" an ancient amulet she inadvertently sets in motion a series of events which results in her waking up in 18th century England, betrothed to an arrogant, self-centered Earl.

Sebastian de Winter ~ The Earl of Ravenhurst, is a renowned womanizer who always prided himself as being a ladies man, until he is left standing at the altar. His betrothed vanishes into thin air and as if by magic reappears months later. But is she his betrothed?

Ravenhurst ~ a once forgotten legend, locked somewhere within the gloomy confines of this ancient edifice is the key that will unlock the door of time itself. This book contains the first and second book in the series

Goodreads Link:

Author Bio:

I am the author of the Ravenhurst Series -a time-travel paranormal romance, written with an ensemble cast of characters -Forgotten Time, Shadows of Yesterday, Time to Remember are all available now and the fourth installment Dreams of Tomorrow will be coming this year 2013. 

I also write YA/contemporary urban fantasy with a kick-The Gathering Series about Gargoyles. Elyograg, Gargoyle and The Gathering Series Vol. 1 are now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Silence of the Wolves Guest Post

Getting published

Well hello there ladies and gents! Firstly I would like to say, thank you so much to The College Crawl for having me I really appreciate it!

What fantastic beans they are!

So I thought I would talk to day about the whole ‘getting published’ process. I mean come on, for me it was like finding gold dust… in my back garden. Something I never dreamed would happen. When it comes to writing, it is my belief that all writers are born exaggerators, we take something from our every day lives and turn it into something fantastical, amazing, something worth talking about. 

Or at least that’s what I think I do, I could be wrong!

As you may know, it was around 2009 I actually started writing, following a rather humorous diary entry that caused an unfortunate accident with a chair. I didn’t finish that novel, but it did lead me to write Silence of the Wolves for National Novel Writing month! It just so happened that I had recently joined the world of twitter (I know, I know I am a late starter in that department!) And was following Harlequin, among other publishers, authors and the like. One day I noticed a tweet by Harlequin saying they were accepting Nano-Wrimo submissions! So I jumped at the chance. I mean literally jumped. As soon as I saw it, I fumbled together a cover letter and pinged across my novel, which, by the way, was tragically awful at the time. I mean seriously, writing an entire novel in 30 days, as you do for Nano, it was filled to the brim with typo's, grammatical errors, awful spelling, the works.
Anyway, with that sent, I started editing it myself, expanding it, re-writing, adding, and re-writing some more. By January, I’d added about 30,000 words, and corrected my god-awful grammar. I received an email from this mysterious woman called Anna telling me that they liked my novel and were still considering it. So I sent them the new revised version and waited. And waited. Aaaand waited. 

After what felt like forever, February 2013 came around and I was just absently flicking through my emails on a Friday evening. I came to one that almost made my heart stop. 

'Hi Hannah, I'd really like to discuss your novel today or on Monday if you're available. Anna.'

Oh my god. I didn't know what to do with myself. It was too late for her to be in the office, so I would have to wait until Monday for her to call, so I spent the weekend freaking out. I was rambling to everyone I knew, frantic conversations of the 'She wouldn't want to discuss my novel if she didn't like it right?' - 'What if she's just phoning me to tell me its terrible and to stop emailing her.' - 'What if they don't like it?' variety.

After a long weekend of freaking out, Monday finally came around, Anna arranged to call me on my lunch hour at work, I was so nervous I was literally shaking as I answered the phone. 'We would like to offer you a three book deal' she said. 

Oh my god. I was absolutely over the moon! I was grinning from ear to ear for the next week, in an absolute daze. 

So long story short, I owe my happiness to Anna, my editor, and Carina UK & Harlequin, they really turned my hopes and dreams into a reality. I count myself as one of the luckiest writers on the planet, to have found such a wonderful editor and to have found publication so quickly.

So, my point for all of you wonderful aspiring writers, is -put pen to paper, get involved and don't ever give up, if you want something badly enough it really will happen, you just have to give it a go.

Also, be sure to tweet, facebook and get involved in all writing events you can. Opportunities come up so often you just need to be there to see it and jump straight in.

So that’s how I got published! If you're still reading at this point, I am fully impressed! I give you my bestest toothy grin of approval! Now get writing! Or reading... Or dancing! Whatever works!
Oh yeah, and check Silence of the Wolves out! You never know… You just might like it!

P.S – Come visit me!

Fate is calling…

After a strange encounter in a dark alley, journalist Tamriel’s life is turned upside down. She’s missing days, developing odd new abilities, and being followed by mysterious Leyth.
Dark, dangerous – and too gorgeous for his own good –Leyth’s determined to teach Tamriel about her new life – as a werewolf! And just as intent on keeping their relationship strictly business.
But as their simmering bond grows, Tamriel and Leyth face a bigger challenge; Tam may be their kind’s strongest weapon against the Circle, a deadly group of paranormal creatures gone rogue. That is, if she’s ready to give into her destiny and put up the fight of her life...

Tweet me a picture of you and your e-reader with Silence of the Wolves on it for a signed e-poster from yours truly!

The funniest faces will win a signed printed poster!

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Super Bad Review

When your mind is a prison, love can set you free.
Ever since her supervillain father experimented on her as a child, Mirabelle “Mirage” Wroth has been able to project unbreakable illusions into the minds of those around her. But when a run-in with an evil Mind Bender snaps a delicate thread in her psyche, she loses control of her gift and can no longer tell where reality ends and illusion begins. Only sanctimonious superhero Captain Justice is immune to her gift and can help her find the truth again—if Mirage can trust another man to define her reality.

Justice is sick of saving damsels in distress–he just wants someone to look beyond the cape to see him—but he can’t turn away from the hauntingly vulnerable Mirage. Suddenly Justice is helping her hide from the police, willing to be downright villainous to be her hero. But as they work to save Mirage from herself, other forces are circling to threaten them both. Tangled in illusions and mind games, can love be real? 

Review: This was a very interesting story, I love a little bad guy rep in my books and it was endearing how all these "bad guys" weren't as villainess as they are made out to be. I mean who does not like a hero who can get a little tainted when he's in love. It was a quick read but it had a good amount of action and seemed to keep up a good pace. No stalling on this road trip. Mirage and Justice paint a cute couple that have issues to work through, aka, insane villain mind f'ed her. Then you have Mirage's domineering big brother. Who doesn't love a protective older brother that even scares Justice. This was just one of those reads that's warm fuzzy and makes you feel like your life could be worse, but hey, it can all work out.