Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things I have learned you don't need to take to college

Back when I was freshly graduated from High School and getting ready to head off to college, I was one of those people scouring the internet on what to bring to college. Little did I know I was buying things I would never use. These are just things I don't really use, and of course everyone is different. If you have any more suggestions comment and let me know.

-An Iron (my advice make friends and borrow one for the three times you use it)

-High risers (most beds can be adjusted)

-Under bed storage (I'm not saying they can't be useful, but everything always ended up in my closet or my drawers, and mainly my shoes and food went under my bed)

Now for some good old advice
-only buy the essentials don't go crazy, and if you don't have something don't freak out.
-as a freshmen you will forget something, I'm going to be a senior and it seems I always forget something
-Don't pack your entire closet unless you have to
-I ended up putting a rug and beside table in my room and that was probably one of my smarter ideas
-bring a fan to drown out noise while sleeping, the hallways can get loud
-Art or mag. collages can really spruce up a room
-cheap Christmas lights are great light sources that won't blind your roomie
-Get a Full length mirror for your room
(I got a cheap five dollar one and has it saved me on the mornings the bathroom was full)
-it doesn't hurt to have a fish or plant
(I have had my beta for 4 years now and I cheers me up to have a pet and they are so easy to take care of, not to mention the fish has some of it's own college stories)