Thursday, October 10, 2013

Friends Getting Married and The Boots I love and Hate+cheaper alternatives

As you go get out of high school it seems like everyone getting married and/or having kids. Well one of my friends is getting married and guess who's a bridesmaid, me.
Part of this deal is she wants us to wear boots, and let's just say mine are getting a little worn, well maybe a lot worn. The last time I looked for boots was in high school, so, I've begun looking at all the new styles. Here are just a few I am loving and I am hating. Enjoy.

Women's Erin Boot - Black
Old Gringo Erin Boot
-I like the dark color and the flowers that add a hint of style without being overwhelming
Women's Sonora Boot - Bitterwater Brown
Ariat Sonora Boot
-I'm liking the chocolate brown with white leaf patterns that stand out or can be hidden depending on work or play
Women's Sorrel Apache Boot - L2552
Justin Sorrel Apache boot
-I love and adore the colors and the pattern, plus since I already own this boot I can tell you they are really durable and stay in good shape. Mine have personally seen flooded creeks, mud, bonfires, country bars, formal dances, and out and about.

Women's Chocolate Ponteggio Boot - BRL113

Justin Ponteggio Boot
-I enjoy the light pink with the chocolate brown, I think it gives a feminine touch without being overwhelming or gaudy.

Women's Sora Boot - Brass/Multi
The old Gringo boot
-I think the Colorful flowers are just to colorful in my opinion.

Women's Raelene Boot - Black/Red
Gringo Raelene Boot
-I feel like a Hooker puked over these boots
Women's Quickdraw 11" Boot - Leopard Print/Mega Red
Ariat Quickdraw
-I just don't know what to say.
Women's Stone Python Print Boot
Lucchese Stone Python Print Boot
-I think these would be neat for a wedding but that's the only thing I think  would ever be able to wear them anywhere else.

Cute lower cost boots
Women's Fatbaby Cowgirl Boot - Brown Crinkle/Snowflake
Ariat Snow cameo
-I found these on the web for under $100, that being said I am not a big fan of cameo but I really like the snow.
Get Stitches Studded Cowgirl Boots
Get Stiched Studded boots (
-These are under $50 and are pretty without being overwhelming

I found most of the boots in the above posts at:

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