Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black Rook by Kelly Meade book review


Brynn Atwood is a low-level Magus whose unpredictable precognitive powers have made her an outcast among her people—and an embarrassment to her highly-regarded father. After a frightening vision in which her father is murdered by a loup garou man, Brynn decides to prove herself by finding the killer, and stopping them at any cost.

Her target is Rook McQueen, the son of a small-town loup garou Alpha. Despite being the youngest of three, Rook is first in line to inherit the role of Alpha, a duty he isn't sure he's capable of fulfilling. When Brynn finally meets Rook, she doesn't expect the attraction that draws her to him—and him to her.

No longer believing him a murderer, Brynn and Rook strike an alliance to find her father's real killer. But when his older brother is targeted by an unknown enemy, Rook will have to choose between his growing feelings for Brynn and his duty as the future Alpha of his community.

Review: This was an interesting book to say the least. I expected this to be a light read from the summary but I give the author props for providing a very imaginative plot that thickens by the chapter. Brynn and Rook are a relationship that is similar to Romeo and Juliet but a lot more fun to watch develop. Not to mention Rook's brothers Knight and Bishop add to the story but they and other characters are left unexplored and hopefully there stories get told later as this book pretty much focuses on Brynn and Rook.