Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Reviews March

It is time for some more book reviews, so hold on tight and keep all appendages in the vehicle.

The most important rule for an Apprentice Consul is simple: Don't get involved with daemons. Well, Piper is planning to break that rule — big time.

After a near-deadly scandal with the Sahar Stone, she has the chance to return to the only life she's ever wanted. All she has to do to keep her Apprenticeship is forget about Ash and Lyre. Ash might be enigmatic and notoriously lethal, and Lyre might be as sinfully irresistible as he is irritating, but they’re not bad for a couple of daemons.

There's just one problem: Ash is missing.

Really, she shouldn't risk her future for him. He lied. He betrayed her. But he also saved her life, damn it. Wherever he is, he's in trouble, and if she doesn't save his sorry butt, who will? But with every dangerous secret she unravels, each one darker than the last, she slips deeper into Ash's world — a world with no escape for either of them.

BIND THE SOUL is the second book in the Steel and Stone series.

Review: I also was given the opportunity to read the first book and really enjoyed it. I actually thought this one was better than the first, just because, everything is already established and the story line is much more fast paced and complicated. I dislike a sequel that dwells on the first story, but in Bind the Soul, Piper jumps right in where the other one left off and we are off to find Ash (in the underworld dahhh dahhh dumm). Piper shows how far she has come as a character in this story. She was never a total push over before but now she takes on a more kick ass role and shows why she is no damsel in distress. Lets not forget we get to meet new characters such as a prince and a sister. To summarize we have a budding romancish thing going on, new friends, lots of action, sad torture moments, lots of things being destroyed, and a next book to look forward too.

Part-time Princess (Ladies-in-Waiting, #1) 

Two Princes are in love with her. Too bad she’s an imposter… 

Hold tight to your tiara, grab your scepter and be prepared for the New Adult hilarious, modern-day romantic-comedy ride of your life! 

Review: This reminded of the Princess and the Pauper story on steroids. You have stereotypical poor girl who is nice that gets paid to be a "princess" by the snobby royalty. I liked reading it though because there are several surprises to be had, including a fun bunch of ladies in waiting and some sabotage. The dating dilemma is also quirky and cute without being overally dramatic. All in all, I think it is a fun read and it had a good fairy tale ending.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sister India by Peggy Payne+giveaway

Sister India
by Peggy Payne

The exotic and suspenseful New York Times Notable Book that tells the story of an eccentric guest-house keeper in Varanasi, India, and the passions evoked by her sacred city along the Ganges

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       I don't typically read this genre of book but it sounded interesting and I am all about getting out of my comfort zone. This a cultural story that takes place in India. The story focuses on the Saraswati Guest House and all of its inhabitants. What makes this book different is the Guest House keeper, Natraja, she is not a native Indian and is a fairly large women. What I thought was intriguing about this book was that you learned about the characters little by little as it jumped from the different view points and conversations. There was also real world issues besides the characters personal problems, as killing happened in the street and curfew went into effect.
       Since the story tended to jump from character to character and went from past to present, I sometimes had a hard time keeping up with the pace of the story. Otherwise, I love how the story talked about the Ganges, Indian culture, unrest in the city, and politics especially involving the prince.This kind of gave the story a gritty quality to it that worked with the plot. I am not sure how I felt about the ending of the book as it was not your normal ending but just kinda faded off into the distance. I thought there was so much we could of learned and resolved with all the characters, but otherwise I thought it was an interesting read.

I was compensated for this the review, but all opinions are my own.

Hey guys I have been generously allowed to giveaway a copy of the book. So go below and enter to win the book.
Rules: must be over 13 to enter and the prize will be filled by publisher.